Sunday, October 26, 2008

One Year Has Passed...

This weekend I have found myself deep in thought: recollections of what our days and nights were filled with- one year ago...

One year ago, TODAY!

It was today that "Never be Shaken" was shown in the theatre at the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival!!!!! Wow! My goodness, can that be? I remember how that weekend was a time of simply watching what the Lord had done, experiencing a bountiful harvest! Yes, the labor had ended, the harvest sweet. Pondering this, I also remember the many new faces we met in Texas, but since last October have become the familiar faces of friends.

It's hard to explain...

It's as if...I feel wrapped up in this beautiful song, the melody dancing and reaching up to the open blue, each note filled with a cheery smile and immeasurable thankfulness.

But then, at the same moment, there is the base line, although rich and mellow- it rumbles. The deep notes grip something within my heart. It's like a haunting melody...One that strikes a chord, suddenly and clearly bringing back every memory from days gone by- Days filled with so much that is so dear to us, yet over all too soon. It's a challenging attempt to try and paint of picture for you of something that took a Creator and many lifetimes to bring into existence...The happy and sad times will now remain as fond memories, but it seems they will be standing on the border between irreplaceable joy and a melancholy feeling from the realization, that a year has passed...and we all have journeyed into a new Season~
In just one year, there is already so much that's changed and new with each person from NBS- it's so incredible how perfect the timing was then in each of our lives to make this film! :)