Thursday, October 11, 2007

Now Available

Never be Shaken now on DVD, including Special Features: Movie Bloopers, Behind the Scenes, and Interviews with director, actors, and the creators of the orginal movie soundtrack.


Laura H. said...

Looks like an awesome movie! How did you do it? I am writing a christian screenplay, and want to find christians to help produce, and make the movie. How did you do it?

In Christ,
Laura Hines

SisterlyLove said...


SisterlyLove said...

I'm so excited!
We can FINALLY see it!! My curiosity is at it's height!

Chad Stembridge said...

Hey, we enjoyed watching the movie at the SAICFF! =) It was great to meet y'all.

Two questions:

1) How do I order a copy?

2) Are y'all thinking about any more movies to do?

Your Brother in Christ,
--chad stembridge

Miss C. said...

Hello Chad!
It was great to meet your family at the film festival too!

As for your questions:

1) As soon as we get our next order of DVD's you should be able to order them on here, using PayPal. If you'd rather not use PayPal I can always get your email address (or PM you on CMF) and send you our mailing address instead.

2) Umm...well that's kind of a hard question. :o) Let's just say we're thinking about it. ;o)


chad Stembridge said...


I think I'll PM you from the CMF and do it that way. Lol... If I had been thinking when we were talking to y'all I would have thought of just doing a DVD swap with you, which would have made it a little easier! =)

Anyways, I'll PM you. Your CMF username is Miss C., correct?


Miss C. said...

Yes, I'm Miss C. there as well. :D

Kyle Stevens said...

The DVD extras and movie were really nice! I noticed you couldn't say that no animals were harmed in the making of the film. Poor fish. ;) But seriously, you all did a great job.

Oh, and the places you filmed are way too pretty. I liked your set locations. Have you made any other movies?